Through the Pilates method of Body Conditioning

this unique trinity of a Balanced Body, Mind and

Spirit can be attained. Self confidence follows.

Joseph Pilates
What are the benefits of Pilates? Core Strength & Stability ** Injury Prevention Relief from Stress & Back Pain ** Improved Balance &   Co-ordination ** Increased Mobility & Flexibility Enhanced Athletic Performance ** Effective Post Rehabilitation Heightening of Mind & Body Awareness Pilates for Health, Fitness & Well-being
Pilates for Sports, Golf, Football & Rugby
Pilates for Rehabilitation
MJ Pilates
Offers Coaching at the following locations
Camberley, Surrey  A new location in Hampshire at the Moorgreen Hospital, Botley Road, West End SO30 3JB
For all details of classes, one2one, and other information please contact
Martine Jugé 07761282658
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